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Ah, Nothing Like Graduation Time


Students, Parents Help Make Roosevelt Project Grad Successful

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i loved loved loved loved loved project grad! it was so awesome. Thank you for everything. I am amazed at how great a party you guys put on. Thanks =)

" I would like to thank the project grad committee on behalf of my daughter .......... She said they had lots of fun, and I feel as a parent that this has been a great way to keep our kids safe and happy on their special day.  You can't beat high school, and this sends them off with fond memories of this momentous occasion! "

"...really enjoyed Project Grad.  This was probably the best day of her high school year.  Thank you." 

"Heard great comments about PG from some of the graduates including my son.  Everyone did a great job!" 

"My son really wants to get the video of Project Grad.  He really enjoyed himself.  You folks really put on a good show.  Thank you very much!"

"My daughter had a really good time.  She talks about how much fun she had ............ it's a really nice, safe way for the kids to celebrate their graduation and enjoy themselves with their friends."

Project Grad Ideals Are Not Just For One Night

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